Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Story of Walls

I am honored to share that the short I directed called “The Story of Walls” has been nominated for an Annie Award! For the past year and half I had been working with a team to build Badmash Animation Studios from the ground up. The studio was based out of LA, San Francisco and India. I had the amazing opportunity to travel to India for two months and direct this film.

“The Story of Walls” is an absurdist history of trade protectionism. Throughout history, our world has allowed simple misunderstandings, greed, and an all-consuming love of nachos to divide us. To succeed as a people, we must understand that our individual success is based on our collective success. More importantly, we must also understand that there are enough nachos for everyone!

Directed By: Pete Oswald
Written By: Sandeep Sood
Storyboard Artist: Andy Suriano
Art Director: Pete Oswald
Background Layout: Chris Reccardi
Character Layout: Vikram Athavale
Animation Director: Noor Mohammed
Music Composed By: Chad Seiter
Sound Design and Mix By: Alex Levy
We can’t post the film to the web because we are in the process of submitting it to film festivals. So here are some stills. Congrats to everyone who made this possible!


Don Shank said...

can't wait to see this!

chintamani said...

Hey Pete, Its celebration time.We made it!

Yankey said...

Hip Hip Hurrraayyyy ! ! !

vikram said...

Hey Pete!!!!! This is a great news man!!! It was a honour to work with you. There is hardwork from all of us behind it.
I really wish that we win this award.

Lucas Ferreyra said...

Man, this looks AMAZING! Great subject too! Can't wait to see it! When/where/how is that going to be possible?
Hopefully this film is going to make such a success that you can reopen the studio!

SteveLambe said...

Whoa....looks FANTASTIC, Pete! That's quite an all star cast too.

Hope to get a chance to check it out.

jmanu said...

Hi Pete,
the short looks great
congratulations and good luck!

Chris Battle said...

Dude!! Awesome! COngrats--- you gotta come over to Disney for lunch and bring a DVD of that thing with ya...

Justin K. Thompson said...

SO glad you posted these. I love the film and your work on it.

Stephan Royer said...

My eyeballs just eat it up 8^D

wonderful work !

roque said...


eda said...




Noor Mohammed said...


Gulzar said...

Darn! This is amazing stuffs man!
Keep it rolling all the best for it guys!
To everyone who worked on the show, from Nimo, to Sandeep, to you, to Noor and to Vikram.

Keep it rolling!

tokyobanana said...

Great ! Bravo

Mukpuddy said...

Can't wait to see it dude!

Anonymous said...

Fan-freaken-tastik. I LOVE the flat graphic look used in this short. I can not wait to see this. This looks incredible. Contgrats!

dankrall said...

I didn't know my eyes could feel like that. you are a genius!!

marty mankins said...

Hi Pete. Amazing work.

I briefly met you at your mom's birthday party here in Salt Lake in October.

Last night, my wife Reba (who works with Scott "Scooter") were over at your mom's house last night for dinner and she showed us the short. Amazing! Simply amazing.

As a budding short film/video maker, I was very impressed. I thought the story flowed well, combined with some great animation.

Good luck with this. This is the kind of talent that needs to be used in every aspect.

Aparna-Appie! said...

wow! its lookin great..! all the best!

Romney Caswell said...

Incredible work!!

AJK said...

Beautiful work Pete, you are SOOOO talented!!!

Matt J said...

Fantastic looking short-great art direction & design. Interesting subject too.

Lippy said...

REALLY loving these stills! Congratulations. PLEASE, P L E A S E -- just post the first 2 or 3 minutes! That won't screw any Festival deals you may be making..
Your PUBLIC demands it!



Andy Bialk said...


Carlos said...

Great stuff!!

Jorge R. Gutierrez said...

Congratulations Pete! I just watched the short and it's funny, charming, subversive and gorgeous!!! A true work of cartoon art.

Joseph said...

Pete, I just saw your short on the ASIFA ballot. Wonderful! It was the highlight of the ballot!

Gregory Georges said...

I do hope to be able to watch it soon ! Whole of your work is very lovely. And congratulations for the nomination!

Thierry Cattant said...

Fantastic stuff Pete! Congratulations and good luck.

I find "Superbes" the great designs of the film.

Jessie Greenberg said...

I just watched the short on the Annies ballot and loved it! Had to look you up and pleased to see I already was a huge fan of your work from Cloudy! The style/design of that film has been so inspirational - I can't wait to see what comes next! :)

Anonymous said...



Gabriele Antonini said...

Beautiful backgrounds and characters...the Roman background is amazing, so simple and fresh.

monsieur Z said...

wonderfull line
I can't wait to see that too!

monsieur Z said...
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Juanma said...


I love the Colombian Juanvaldez,

Cant wait to see the film, where can i see it?

Emily Tomasik said...

This style is really neat! I'm diggin it. Where and when can I see this?

Alina Chau said...

Awesome!! These are wonderful!

Colin Jack said...

looks amazin'

Anonymous said...

This is probably one of the most beautiful cartoons done in Flash, I've ever seen.

The characters are designed and animated so fluidly and effortlessly, it makes me sick.

In a GOOD way! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! excellents illustrations!! love your Blog!! :)

brian smith said...

me like! beautiful work Pete

Joe Kresoja said...


Marcelo Vignali said...

Dude, this is an amazing amount of work. Great job.

Alex said...

Dear Pete,

I am producing a small animation video and am looking for a great voiceover artist. I like the voice of the person who narrates in your video and was wondering if you could help me get in touch? Thanks in advance.

Alex Dufetel

yoni salmon said...

The movie looks cool but the representation of Jews are close to antisemitism. the Jews looks like vultures,coming from nowhere, attacking Innocent Arabs. That's far from truth. Jews lived in Israel and were banished from their land. When returning to Israel they were attacked, murdered and every separation offer to the Arabs, to create two states was denied by the Arabs. That is the Arabs attitude until these very days: no negotiation, just terror. this part of your film is, therefore, shameless and racist.

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Ayumi Sophia said...

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