Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Halloween in New Orleans

Well, after getting pressured by a few friends I decided to give this whole ‘blog thing’ a shot. So here’s my first post. This is a painting I did for a New Orleans benefit art show on Halloween. It was hosted by my friends Tony C and Steph Choi at Six Point Harness Studios. The painting is acrylic on wood, 22x22 inches. Thanks you guys for the great party!


stefchoi said...

hi cutie!!! your blog looks amazing kiddo!
miss you miss you!


james_william_walsh said...

hey, great stuff!!
i think i'd buy a painting even with just the signature!
great designs

Danizinhaººº said...

da hora

Felix Camacho said...

Pete this painting shook me to the core of my soul! Outstanding work my young apprentice. Upon seeing this painting, I envisioned myself on Bourbon St. and as I looked deeper and deeper into the painting I began to hear the jazz and tears began to stream down my face like soft rain on a sunny April day. God Bless you my son!

Cory said...

really enjoy your work.

Thomas said...

i really love this, the colors are by far my favorite.

Anonymous said...


funbubblz said...

wow!realiee cool stuff here.

eda said...