Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Honeymoon in Tahiti!

7'' X 5''
7.5 ''X 5.5'' 
7'' X 3.5''


Armand Serrano said...

Congratulations, Pete. Gald you still were able to paint. Good stuff.

Matt said...

These are fantastic. Congrats on your nuptials!

Luc Desmarchelier said...

Hi Pete,
Congrats. Hope you had a good time in the islands. I just had the visit of my sister from Moorea who brought me fresh Tiare flowers and fresh vanilla beans...The house smelled like Polynesia for a while.

samacleod said...

These are so beautiful. So nice.

Kate Dwiggins said...

Congratulations! I hope it was as beautiful as these would suggest <3

Anonymous said...

Beautiful paintings Pete!

I've definitely missed checking otu your blog and feeling all inspired, so I won't make it such a long time between visits again.

L M said...

PEEETTEEEE Congratulations! :) now you HAVE to come in and show us pictures! Love your art as always!

Ryan Savas said...

Great stuff, Pete. Congratulations!

Thierry Cattant said...

Love your gouaches. So Nice

Craig Mackay said...

Amazing paintings! These are so inspiring. Thanks!

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