Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sleeping Lady

Pune, India
pencil/ digital


Timothy J Lamb said...

thats sicky dude

Elsa Duhamel said...

I love the colors and the light!

Jed Henry said...

Gold, turqoise, and a warm purple. Solid color scheme. Really gives it some atmosphere.

P.s., how did you get that excellent watercolor effect on your ant illustration below? The textures look legit... but it also looks like you've used photoshop's handy-dandy-ness. Or are my eyes fooling me?


roque said...

Beautifully rich.

Enzo Avolio said...

Just came across your blog.
Great colours.

TIM BARNES said...

Great stuff Pete.
Congratulations on the marriage!!
Got some new stuff myself on my blog. Would love to have you check it out.

Angelo Libutti said...

Just beautiful my friend.. really Beautiful :)

Daisy Church said...

Such beautiful colors and composition in this one! Love your work- really enjoyed seeing the rest of your India sketches- thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see more! :)

Don Shank said...

this one is still blowing my mind!

lostinarc said...

Dammm..u captured perfectly..... amazing yur designs n textures in art..

Kingfisher said...


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