Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Mumbai, India
pencil/ digital


Timothy J Lamb said...

jeeez. would you stop it?

Unknown said...

that boy looks bummed..maybe hes hot, and sick of dirty smells and tired of big surronding buildings that give himdizzy spells, and grandpa, whos going crazy, just doesnt understand that he shouldnt be so grumpy and dillusional and take out on the usual....dickhead grandpa, why you be so mean?

Empty Hands said...

was this from the cricket field we saw? fun!!!

Fall.Down.Tree said...

you are awesome!!!

Emmanuel Briand said...

i hope it won't be alone cause these new posts look good ,i love the way you took to make new style in your art , i've visited your blog several times(obviously you're in my links ) and these news from you impressed me , that takes a different way from usual , and it shows an other side of your personnality that i like so much , don't lose what you did before of course , but keep sometimes your feet on that way cause it's an interesting way . cheers , and sincerly BRAVO as we say in FRANCE , see you pete Mr oswald .

emmmanuel BRIAND

LuisNCT said...

this one is great!

khawfang said...

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